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Immunet 3.0 Log Files Path

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Hi there,

I start using clamav for windows and I'm kinda interested to find which is the log path (after scaning a file), to make a script myself that uses that output.

I just found this outdated tutorial: http://www.hostingu.nl/clamav/clamav-qs1.pdf

And I thought the comands that apeard in the part "Using ClamAV In Other Directories Besides C:\clamav-devel" will be compatible with 3.0version, but I couldnt find the "clamscan.exe" executable, to set myself the scan log file path as its shown in the comand "--log=e:\ClamAV\log\clamav.log"


Theres any default path for that log?

How is the new comand to choose my own path? (guess this one is outdated too: http://ftp.clamwin.com/viewtopic.php?t=800 eladkarako post)


Thanks in advance.

I hope you can help me, since google doesnt >.<


PD: Sorry for my bad english

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Thanks for the links ^^



With Immunet the results of a scan are stored in history.db.

What do you want to do with the output from the script though? Immunet does quarantine the files by default...

Its to remotely control the output of some antivirus. Send them a file, make them analize it, and get back the results (briefly explain at least).


So I think i will use sqlite to check the info im looking for.

Thank you again :D

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