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What is PUA.Win.Adware.Besttoolbars::1201


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I installed Immunet yesterday, and ran a full scan. 4 files were quarantined. One that I am most concerned is an executable that I actually need.

Event Type: Quarantine Successful

Detection type: PUA.Win.Adware.Besttoolbars::1201

How can I deal with this information? I tried googling "PUA.Win.Adware.Besttoolbars", and nothing comes up.

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The detection signifies a "Potentially Unwanted Application" possibly containing Adware/Spyware.

Besttoolbars is an application where custom toolbars can be developed for primarily IE & Firefox. Unfortunately this application also can be used to include malicious code to the toolbar browser extension.

If your positive that your toolbar is not malicious you could use Immunet's "Restore" feature for the files.

Personally speaking, I'd rather saw my own leg off with a dull butter knife than 'use any third-party toolbar' with my browser, lol!

That's how much I trust or need 'em.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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