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Firewall authorisations to survive updates

John Smith

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Hi there,

I have been discovering Immunet for a few months and so far I love it.

I smoothly experienced my first update, to v7.2.8. Fortunately, I had a small glitch unrelated to the update, which led me here and to a post where a moderator (ritchie something) mentioned that he had to reset his firewall authorisations. I wouldn't have thought of it by myself.

Isn't it possible to keep a stable path to the 4 executable files that have to be allowed in the firewall, in order for their authorisations to survive updates? Like with symbolic links or a "latest version" folder that would be replaced and renamed during an update, for example. I would do symbolic links myself but I am not very familiar with Windows and I am afraid to mess something up in case paths are referred to in the Registry or some other deep dark Windows settings.

Thanks for your attention.

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Hi john,

I wouldn't recommend you try to change any of Immunet's file paths. That could have detrimental effects with the software.

On this new build I only had to create a new allow rule with my firewall for sfc.exe. Like I said in the last Announcement post that it's not that uncommon to have to create a new allow rule or two with your firewall when a new build is installed.

Personally I don't find that a big hassle but I can see where some folks might find that a little disconcerting.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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I just made a post on how to open the IP Ranges for "updates" and "cloud connectivity" and how to get exact IP addresses if you don't want to open up the whole range. It's posted under "General" and titled "IP Ranges" if your issue is something else, I'm about to make a quick white paper on how to fix update hiccups.

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