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Immunet 7.2.8 zero people protected & from zero threats

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Thanks for your astute observation gogos888! When I updated to the newest version last night I didn't even notice that was occurring myself until you pointed it out!

I've seen this happen before when a new build is rolled out. It's just a temporary server issue that needs to be looked into & fixed.

Rest assured that this minor issue doesn't affect the protection that Immunet provides users. It only has to do with how the stats currently are being displayed with the UI.

Regards, Ritchie...

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I do hope this minor server glitch can be fixed ASAP though.

I would just like to reiterate what nirmeshptl & myself mentioned above. This does not affect or diminish Immunet's efficacy. ETHOS and SPERO cloud lookups & ClamAV def updates will still take place.

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Thanks for the additional input jdurand.

I'm also suspicious that the two issues are related as more users report the same thing.

Is it just a server issue or could there be some sort of of bug with version 7.2.8?

I wish an admin or dev could look into this/these issue(s) soon!

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Confirmed having the same issue on Windows 10 x1909 build 18363.836. O people protected and unable to get forced update status. Stuck on "up to date". Tried changing DNS and clearing cache in case this was a server resolution issue but no luck. Last update 5/18/2020

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