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Enable to find how to set "ask me"


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This is to confirm I have the same problem too. Latest version of Immunet has no option to "ask me" on detection. For me, this is a complete show-stopper for any AV/antimalware solution. I guess I'll just have to uninstall immunet until the feature is restored in a future version.

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Wow! You guys are right! The UI settings for the quarantine or suspicious file behavior has indeed disappeared for this 7.2.8 build!

I have no clue why that's not present or have been eliminated from the settings. Is it a code change to the program or just some sort of bug? "Either way I don't find that very cool either!!!"

That's something an admin or dev will have to answer as to why this decision was made to eliminate those settings (or if it's just a bug with this build that needs fixed).

Those settings definitely need to be returned to users!

I had those settings set to "Ask Me" in the last build myself too.


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