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Agent.exe Uses Up To 100% Cpu


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I've noticed a problem which I believe is associated with the latest version of Immunet.


When I try and download any type of file (e.g. a bittorrent using Vuze, or a podcast using iTunes) I find that my CPU load goes to 100% and that the process most of the CPU is agent.exe. As a result my PC becomes virtually unusable until the download is completed (which takes a lot longer due to the 100% CPU load).


The only agent.exe file I can find on my PC appears to associated with Immunet 3.0.


Can you please advise how I can stop this 100% usage?


I am running XP Home SP3, and also have Comodo Firewall and Avast AV (v6) installed.


Also, I notice on booting up my PC that there is a small window (like a web or dialog box) open with Immunet as the header, but otherwise blank. It remains there until I physically close it.



Many thansk ina dvance for the help.

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Have you tried turning off the ClamAV engine before downloading a large file to see if that helps? It sounds similar to a start up issue I had (I have since figured out a workaround for the issue I had) since the introduction of ClamAV to Immunet (free version) and using another (paid) cloud based AV. It seems to me that ClamAV doesn't like to share resources with other apps, at start up anyway. Of course if you do turn ClamAV off you'll lose some detection capability. As far as the blank dialog box, the Immunet team is aware of this bug and a fix is in the works for the next version release.

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Many thanks for the suggestions.


Turning off the ClamAV engine seems to have solved the problem. CPU usage has returned to normal levels.


The issue I noticed with the 100% CPU usage was that it wasn't just at boot-up; it continued even hours later when I was trying to use the PC (especially during downloading) making the PC almost unusable. Is it a bug in ths latest release?


Many thanks for your help and with solving the problem

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