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Installed the latest version on May 13th.  Said everything is fine until today.  It gives me a Not Updated in the GUI for the "Last Updated".  I've clicked Update Now and Fix it.  Even after some reboots still says Not Updated.

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By my own observation, it's not unheard of for the Immunet servers to become temporarily congested with traffic on rare occasions. Try waiting a day and then see if the same behavior persists would be my advise at this time.

Regards, Ritchie...

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Waited a day still the same.  I saw another post about the number of people protected "bug" and this same response about congested servers for that issue too.  I get this is open source backed by Cisco.  I would think the servers would be a little more robust.  I work in IT and saw this come up on Majorgeeks as a new version.  Knowing Cisco had something out there and this is community based, I thought I would give it a try to see if it's worth recommending to any of my clients.  I see it has potential, but things like this worry me.  Not to mention it no longer has the ask me feature that previous versions did.  Oh well, thanks for the response!

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For over a week, my wife's computer has shown the same issue but need to be updated, since the new version was downloaded. It says its updated when I click "Fix It". Deleting and reinstalling or rebooting doesn't fix the issue. Other 2 PCs and 2 laptops are fine using the same network. My PC has a different issue, for over a year it always says its never been scanned... Minor issues, but seems to work nicely.

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Thanks for the additional feedback guys. Much appreciated! Yeah, I also think there's something else going on as far as this recent update issue is concerned!

If it's associated with the (still unresolved) issue with the cloud stats not being displayed correctly since the release of version 7.2.8 is a "troubling hypothesis!" I guess one can't rule that coloration out at this time given the current circumstances.

I wish a dev or admin could shed some light on this/these issue(s) too!

Best wishes, Ritchie...


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EDIT: I thing CLAMAV Engine dosent support longer main.cvd files!

Ok new facts about the files, the "cvd" files are compressed versions of the signature files
and the "cld" files are the uncompressed versions.
Just unzip the *.cvd to *.cld to get it.
It looks that you dont need this step but i'm not shure, so i use 7z to extract the files.

You also can download the main.cvd, daily.cvd and bytecode.cvd from the ClamAV Website

I dont know the usage of the "windows.cvd" file, it looks like a readme file but also include data and is not providet at the ClamAV website
and is not used in ClamWin Portable.

If you have Update problems:
Stop the Immunet Service --> net stop ImmunetProtect_7.2.8
delete the files you want to update (main.c*, daily.c* and bytecode.c*) in "C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\"
copy the new files to "C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\"
Start the Immunet Service --> net start ImmunetProtect_7.2.8

About all the reports i read, i think the immunet update server have any problems with connection or hardware and send the the costomer
corrupted files or what ever.

Edit Again (Sorry)

If you use the Update now option in Immunet it tells most time "Immunet is Up to Date".
This means the Software is up to date and have nothing to do with the virus database files.
Dont close this popup and wait a minute for the update process of the DB files.
Give that pop a little bit more  time before you close it 😉

OLD Post

Same problem (Windows 7). I update to Immunet and get no updates for weeks.
I uninstalled immunet complet with deleting of the old files at uninstall.
New fresh install of Immunet.
Immunet try to download main.cvd and is "Unable to install Update".
EDIT: Take a look to the Update.log
After a short time the updater try it again automatically, same problem.
I click at close in the Updater, click again to Update Now and Immunet reports me that the program is Up to Date.
But there is no main.cvd on my computer stored.
Ônly daly.cvd and windows.cvd is stored at "C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\"

I start then ClamAV Portable, before i startet it, there was a main.cvd in the Folder (C:\Programme (Portable)\PortableApps\ClamWinPortable\Data\db).
After the Update main.cvd was removed with a main.cld and ther is also a bytecode.cld.

I stop the Immunet Service,
copy the main.cld and bytecode.cld (1.458.176 Bytes) to "C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\" and renamed the bytecode.cvd (296.388 Bytes)

I restart now with hope...


Ok, i dont know if all works, but EIRAR.COM Testfile is detected.

Trying more...
I delete the files lastupd, update.log, windows.cvd, bytecode.cvd, daily.cvd and the *.cld files.
Only main.cld is present and the update works.
Download of bytecode.cvd, daily.cvd and windows.cvd well done.
The main.cld is untouched and the updater dosnt try to download the main.cvd.

One more question: Why is bytecode.cld (ClamWinPortable 1.458.176 Bytes) and bytecode.cvd (Immunet 296.388 Bytes) so diffrent in size?
cvd is compressed





Edited by Frank_

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This Problem is a error of Immunet and not a server Problem.
The ClamAV 0.102.1 provided by Immunet is outdated and the current version is 0.102.3.
This is also reportet by C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\\freshclam.exe and
freshclam.exe cancel the update after the download of the first "cvd" it get.
ClamAV do that to prevent using a old engine with new Database files.

Solution 1

  1. Download clamav-0.102.3-win-x64-portable.zip from https://www.clamav.net/downloads#otherversions
  2. Stop the Immunet Service --> net stop ImmunetProtect_7.2.8
  3. Delete old Database files bytecode.c*, daily.c*, main.c*, lastupd and update.log
  4. Extract the files to C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\
  5. Start the Immunet Service --> net start ImmunetProtect_7.2.8
  6. Start Immunet, Click on Update Now and wait a moment (if Update does not start repead it after a min.)

The download location is configuratet in the file freshclam.conf, if you need to use a other mirror change it in this file.

Solution 2

Immunet need a Update to new ClamAV version 0.102.3.x


What a disgrace from Immunet 😉




Edited by Frank_

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