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Ha...well apparently I gave up quicker than you guys.  I just started seeing all these posts come through email saying there was a response.  Here we are what almost 5 months after my first post and they are still having the issues.  Glad I gave up honestly.  You get what you pay for is what I've learned when it comes to good AV.  I thought I found something I could pass along to my non-profits but heck it's not worth the hassle anymore.  Hope it pans out as it seemed promising but I've moving along to just buying something for my clients to use instead.  Wish you all the best!

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Hey Frank,

One option at your disposal is to disable the ClamAV module & updates for it if it's causing you that much grief! Just use the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines instead.

Then you could pair another compatible AV with Immunet. That's the setup I & many other Immunet users have! 

In fact it is recommended that the ClamAV module be disabled when Immunet is run as a companion AV to another AV product anyways.

You are right there though, the ClamAV module does seem to have the same update bug being encountered build after build.

Why the devs can't seem to be able fix this bug once & for all is rather disconcerting & annoying to those that wish to use the ClamAV module.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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