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ransomeware new everyday now


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ransomware on rise

49 kb ragnar locker ransomeware runs 280 mb windows virual machine,windows group policy object is used to run installer and run virtualbox which allows them to hide in plain site,security is by passed until note is dropped


net walker  targets enterprise same for prolock  renamed  PwndLocker




makes me wonder if Cryptocurrency is part of problem along with Microsoft

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There's even been recent reports of hackers targeting hospitals & medical facilities associated with covid-19 research (and not just in this country), attempting to or succeeding in, infecting there servers with ransomware.

"That's about as low as you can go in my opinion considering that there's a world-wide pandemic still going on!" "What a bunch of heartless, self-centered, greedy 'SCUMBAG CRIMINALS' they must be!" That does really p*ss me off as it should any law-abiding citizen.

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I here what you're saying.

It was quite the debacle when the NSA's EternalBlue project was leaked. Not long after that the WannaCry ransomware emerged using a Zero-Day Vulnerability in Windows Operating Systems back in 2017.

Unfortunately this code still exists on the dark web and can be easily modified to produce new ransomware variants by hackers to this day.

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