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Scanning Issues (Not Sure They Are Occuring)

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I am evaluating Immunet 3.0 with ClamAV as a supporting scanner on a Windows Server 2003 Standard machine. I have had a few issues that I seem to have gotten past, the most serious being that it apparently attempted to quarantine our Exchange Server folder, which caused Group Policy to fail and our server to go down. Once I did some troubleshooting I determined what happened and added the Exchange Server folder to the exclusions list. But that was a painful way to find out.


My concern now is that I cannot tell that the scans are actually occurring. There have been times (namely, after a fresh reboot) that the scanner did everything I asked of it (quick scan, full scan, custom scan, all the while showing the scanning progress). This morning, though, when I select any scan, it acts as if it is starting, but the Scan folder GUI does not show any scanning progress. There are dashes (-) after each field as if it is not scanning. However, I can still click on Pause or Stop Scan to "cancel" the process. Since this is a server, I cannot reboot it whenever I want to see if the problem clears.


In addition, I set a scheduled scan to occur at 6:00am this morning (Flash Scan) and it did not occur. It does not show as happening in the Immunet GUI, but it does show in Scheduled Tasks as having occurred.


Is there a command line option I can test to determine if these scans are actually happening? I don't know if the error is on the scanning side or the GUI end.

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Hi newkansan, I've seen the bug your talking about where the scan dialog just shows you dashes instead of numbers. Can you provide me with a little more info about your system?


1) What OS / Service pack are you running

2) What version of IE do you have installed


We are working on bug fixes to address the schedualed scan and dash issues.


If you experience the dash bug again before we can release a fix, open an elevated command prompt and run:

net stop immunetprotect


Then run:

net start immunetprotect


Then try starting a new scan and it should work.

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FYI, ImmunetProtect become unresponsive shortly after my previous post. i tried stopping and starting the service, terminating iptray and restarting, etc. The Scan and Settings buttons were grayed out in the GUI. After rebooting the server after hours, it loaded fine and is working again properly. It appears these problems occur when I enable and disable the various scanning engines. If the server boots up and I leave the scanning engines as-is, it works fine. it's when I start tinkering with them that things seem to go bad.


I hope this helps.

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