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Updater stuck on Initializing Updater

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I use Immunet on several of my computers as I'm pretty fond of the ClamAV service in Linux, thus, extended it to Windows.

Recently, however, on both main Windows machines, the Immunet software reports needing to be updated (definitions, not software) and, when I try to update, the Immunet Updater gets stuck on "Initializing Updater."  See attached screenshot.  This is occurring on both Windows machines.  I did some packet sniffing and did not identify unusual network activity from Immunet so, I would guess that it's not a network issue.  I do run a pretty interesting DNS-based firewall, but, again, I didn't see DNS calls being made on immunet's behalf when I did the packet analysis (thus, it shouldn't have an issue with being blocked at the DNS level).  

Any thoughts?  Do I need to try uninstalling and reinstalling? 



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The devs are aware that some users are encountering update issues. Supposedly a new build will be rolled-out sometime in June that will (hopefully) address this issue and the cloud stats not displaying properly too. So I guess we'll all have to wait and see what the next build has as far as fixing these bugs.

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