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Immunet 3.0


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I run Immunet 3.0 free on my Small Business Server. But my question is, how does it work?

Can i only update the version of immunet? And how scan immunet on virusses on my server?


I think that immunet connect to their database and scans for viruses on my computer. So when the Internet is down, the program does not work anymore?


how all this works technically?

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See "Introduction to 3.0" here: http://blog.immunet.com/


Since you are savvy enough to run a server, you may find http://blog.clamav.net/ to be beneficial.


But don't expect to find much info on Immunet Magic Packet Dust which is really what makes it all work. It's just like seeding clouds in the sky to make rain, only different.


Oops. I wasn't supposed to mention anything about the Magic Packet Dust, was I?? B)



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