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Not sure if others have experienced this particular issue:

When I downloaded the latest Immunet Antivirus "", my server is constantly being spammed with event log errors. Specifically EventID: 10021 and EventID: 10010 which point to 'DCOM Component Services' and to do with security descriptors in Windows Server 2016.

I did not notice any problems prior to updating but, this seems to be happening from this version stated above.

**UPDATE** Since writing this post, I have been able to update Immunet. I enabled 'debug logging', enabled 'cloud notifications' and 'verbose tray notifications' and suddenly I tried to update and if found another version to download. I proceeded to update and UI now shows version number of "" so Im going to restart see what happens.

I noticed something strange, when you open the application from the tray or click any button to action something in the UI, the event 10021 is triggered instantly as follows:

Event 10021->

"The launch and activation security descriptor for the COM Server application with APPID {9209B1A6-****-****-****-00A0C*******} is invalid. It contains Access Control Entries with permissions that are invalid. The requested action was therefore not performed. This security permission can be corrected using the Component Services administrative tool."

I have tried a solution I came accross before with another application by running command from a powershell script which I will link here:


It may help someone.

I'll be back!



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A full server restart later with newer update installed.


Next steps:

1) Removing Immunet,

2) Restarting server,

3) Run registry cleaner (ccleaner),

4) Delete registry links and folder links to Immunet manually myself,

5) And do a fresh install.


I'll be back!

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Some interesting experimentation you did on your part & thanks for reporting this! Sorry to hear things are not going so smoothly for you during the (new build?) update and I hope the devs read your post.

There was a new build scheduled to be rolled-out sometime this month but I just checked the UI updater and apparently some folks are getting this update sooner than others. Maybe that has something to do with what Windows platform you're using as to who gets it first. Definitely not SOP.

Ordinarily when a new build is publicly released a new topic is also created in the Announcements section of the forum to go with it. I find that a little odd as it's not what's normally done.

P.S. - I like your imaginative user name! Kind of a spinoff from the musical group RUN-DMC, I got a chuckle or two out of that!

Cheers, Ritchie...

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