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Immunet causes a RESULT_CODE_KILLED error in chrome 81-83, occurs randomly on some pages with YouTube. Disabling extensions does not help, only removing immunet fixes the problem.
In the browser, on the  chrome: // conflicts # R tab
ETP Protecto  Morphisec Information Security 2014 Ltd   v4.   5EAAD359b6000 BR  C :\ program files \ immunet \ exprev \ protector32.dll

description link  https://textslashplain.com/2019/09/27/aw-snap-every-tab-crashes/


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Thanks for reporting this Di S.

You could try and create a custom Exclusion rule for Chrome's "entire Program Files folder" with Immunet. I know this would be a less than ideal work-around but it should work if you wish to continue using the software.

I agree, I also think that the devs need to look into this to see what type of conflict is actually occurring!

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If I add the chrome folder to the exceptions this will reduse the system’s protection, this is not an option.

Temporarily I use sentbrouser? but it is based on chromium 80, аnd the option Code integrity it is not yet implemented.

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If you create an Exclusion rule for Chrome that's not going to make your entire system more vulnerable. The Program Files folder only for Chrome will no longer be scanned.

I still think you should give that a try if you trust that the browser is not malicious in any way.

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