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Can't View Quarantined Files - Scan Is Slow!

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I ran a scan last night. I ended up having to stop the scan the next morning--it had run almost 8 hours but still hadn't finished. It had quarantined 4 items. I couldn't find out what files were quarantined. I open history, but it says "no data found". I have had run other (not full) scans, so something should show up. I also don't know how to delete any quarantined files.




Also I wonder why a full scan takes so long. Other scanners don't take nearly that long.


Immunet Free Ver

Windows Vista x64

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Hi swampy11, please read this forum FAQ topic regarding your issue. It's got some great info that you can use to investigate the problem. http://forum.immunet...e-what-do-i-do/


If after reviewing the FAQ topic and troubleshooting you still have issues please send in an SDT report to Support. Info on how to create and send an SDT report can be found here. http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1672-how-do-i-submit-a-support-diagnostic-tool-report/


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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