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google update came as threat


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Do you mean Immunet detected a Google update as a threat? If it's a genuine update triggered by Google's auto-updater for Chrome (or whatever) I think it likely to be a false-positive; however due to their monopoly, and the tight integration of their services contributing to "vendor lock-in", not to mention Google's Surveillance-Capitalism business model, it would be healthy to consider alternatives to Google's services. Competition is a healthy thing. Any competition that can exist outside the surveillance business-model is an essential thing.

----- ATTENTION MODERATORS: As this is an Immunet forum, I don't know if the text below this line is acceptable, it's just intended to be helpful. -----

For browsers, I recommend Mozilla Firefox and Vivaldi (both check HTTPS certificate revocation correctly, whereas Chrome trades security for speed and doesn't - or at least didn't last time I checked).
For maps, check out OpenStreetMap (for the UK it seems to be a bit more up to date/accurate, but you don't get street view or realtime traffic info).
For e-mail, try ProtonMail, Tutanota, or others.
For search, maybe Duckduckgo or Qwant, both of which provide results of at least equal quality to Google, for my purposes.
For an app-store, try F-Droid.
For cloud storage, find a provider of a Nextcloud instance, and perhaps even encrypt your files end-to-end using Cryptomator. Cryptomator also works with other cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive).

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