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new windows 10 update 2004 ,problematic

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 failed new windows update 2004 is serious  problem


with windows defender un able to update,open to malware with immunet  showing un able to update

i got clam running with off and on cycle



all kinds of problem with 2004,drivers outdated,slow  system,account  log ins,wifi loss,memory errors

one laptop a mess here,i wont touch it until Microsoft fixes 2004

other just crawling 

,windows home

windows pro ok


and roll back is just a nightmare






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 mbam 4.1 installed.

These issues range from random freezes, general slowness, video stuttering, blue screen of death crashes (BSOD), or Windows 10 becoming unresponsive.


hay day for ransom makers 

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It has caused all manner of havoc for many Windows users I know. On any Windows boxes I manage for friends/family, and my one Windows box I keep at home, I defer all non-critical updates for as long as possible. This is the only way to have a remotely stable experience with Windows 10, without having it constantly break and require fixing.

I don't know if the setting is available in Windows 10 Home, but it's definitely there in Pro, which might explain why your Pro box is fine but your Home one is bricked.

If you delve into the settings app, and go to Windows update, go to the advanced settings. From there, you can see that there's an option to defer "feature updates" for x number of days. I set this to the maximum, 365. Security updates will still happen as usual, but new features (the less-tested things that usually break people's computers) will have a year to be bug-fixed before rolling out to your machine. It's the best of both worlds. You have a stable computer but you also have all the latest security patches.

You can also tell Windows update to pause all updates for up to 35 days. This might be a useful setting to use when you know a large feature update is coming to Windows. That way, you have a chance to see if it's bricking everybody else's computer before it rolls out to yours. The downside of this of course, is that your box will be unpatched for 35 days.

I liken an out-of-the-box Windows 10 installation to Debian Sid. It's unstable bleeding-edge beta-testing software, which can and will break... and you're the guineapig. Defering updates makes your Windows 10 installation more like Debian stable. You don't get the latest, fanciest features, but you can rely on it to just keep going and going.

So that will hopefully avoid the problem in the future, but what do you do now to solve the instability? Well, one of my work colleagues wasted his whole evening trying to fix his home computer, and told me nothing worked. It remained unstable with broken drivers, broken features etc, even after he rolled-back the update. In the end, he gave up and reinstalled Windows from scratch.

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i know this is immunet forum


was trying to create awareness that un updated windows 10 will cause problems and with defender not updated theres added risk


my updated went on by itself even updated dates was july 15

looks like corrupt ms updated services and group policies    os 18363.720


others on other os builds are lucky that march kb updates went ok 


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