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Here's a copy of a thread zombunny2 posted today. It seems he discovered a workaround for this issue so give this a try and see if it works for you too. Here's the thread.

I noticed that I get the "not updated" status on a fresh install until I manually perform a scan (even just a "flash scan" will do - and it only takes a minute or two). Even after manually updating Immunet, I noticed that closing and re-opening the GUI (or restarting the computer) resulted in the "not updated" status. The only way to fix it was to update then scan.

On every machine I've tried so far (all some variant of Windows 10), the following seems to fix it:

1. Open Immunet GUI
2. Manually check for updates. Wait a few minutes, to give the ClamAV database a chance to update, then close the update dialog.
3. Now run a flash scan (or full scan, but beware a full scan can take hours whereas a flash scan only takes minutes).

It seems as if forcing an update then forcing a scan resets Immunet's indicators and it all works again.

If this behavior continues for users that's definitely something the devs will have to look into!


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Sorry to hear that zombunny's method was unsuccessful Balam.

I would next suggest that you try an uninstall & reinstall to see if that makes a difference. When uninstalling choose the "NO" option when the uninstaller asks if you plan to reinstall Immunet again. When reinstalling you will have to reconfigure the settings to the way you had them and add any custom exclusion rule(s) you were using. I just wish the devs would get involved with this issue!

For Immunet Windows Server 2019 is not a supported platform. I would highly suggest you not use Immunet for this OS.

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Hello @ritchie58

Work with the uninstallation with the option "NO" and installation again

I hope can fix that problem soon because it is not the best option to repair

in the case of Windows server 2019 it works the same, I understand that it is not better to use but Immunet gives me more confidence than other antivirus

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Glad to hear the reinstall seemed to work. I agree, that is a hassle for users that have to do that! I hope the devs are reading these threads!

Like I mentioned before, I still would highly recommend you "DO NOT" use Immunet with Server 2019 as it has never gone through any compatibility testing that I know of.

You could encounter unexpected/unforeseen issues. If this occurs no technical support will be offered since it's currently not a supported platform.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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