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Clamav Unofficial Signatures On Immunet?


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Hi, I wonder if I can use unofficial clamav signatures (for example hxxp://sanesecurity.org/databases.htm or hxxp://www.securiteinfo.com/services/clamav_unofficial_malwares_signatures.shtml) whith Immunet 3 and what will be the procedure if it were possible.




Edit: secureinfo databases gave me a freshclam error

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You can use those signatures at your own risk of course. Personally, outside of the fun factor I don't see how any of those could be better than the daily.cld file that's maintained by the Immunet crew.


Instructions can be found here:



Scroll down to where you'll see how to use the Custom Signature Tool, SigUi (sigui.exe), to manipulate database files under the Local Signature Management tab. The section begins with the words, "To deploy your own signatures (or signatures provided by third-parties)..."


Good luck.

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