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How To Configure Ie 9's Tracking Protection Feature


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The easiest way to punish adds!

Go to http://www.fanboy.co...adblock/ie.html (fanboys original page)

then add the Fanboy Adblock List for Internet Explorer 9 and the Fanboy Tracking List and if u like also the Adult List.(blocks adds especial for adult sites)



To add them is very easy open the above link in ie9 and push the batton ADD TPL for the lists you like(i use the 3 i mention above),

restart the ie9 and all the adds will have gone!




The tpl lists from microsoft eliminate only little adds, the fanboys tpl is like addblock plus for firefox , it blocks many adds , i test it.

Soz for my english,

and again i have no porpuse to advertise fanboy, only i want to help the community which uses ie9.

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boombastik, You are correct. The video explains that you can install your own filter rules list. Easy List is the one I use for Firefox's Adblock Plus. That's the list I would use for IE 9 since it filters 99.9% of web ads for FF.


Microsoft offers the easy list , but it is not the same as easy list for firefox,it is the easy list tracking for firefox.

U have found the easy list as tpl form for adds blocking? (again the easy list offered by microsoft is only for tracking protection no for adds blocking)


The only tpl list i found to block adds is fanboys.

In mozilla i use easy list.

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IE 9's "Tracking Protection" works similarly to Firefox's Adblock Plus add-on. Eliminating the majority of ads on web pages. To see the video by CNET click here.


I have managed to activate several Tracking Protection lists in IE9 32-bit:

1. Personlized Tracking Protection List

2. EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List

3. FanBoy - AdBlock Tracking Protection List

4. FanBoy - Tracking Protection List

5. PrivacyChoice Tracking Protection List

If they are too many and will slow down my PC, I can easily inactivate or delete those redundant.



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