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Recruitment Of Translators Of Immunet


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In fact, we do not have so many translators of Immunet! Many Immunet users out there are not members of the Immunet forum, so they are for the moment not aware of the oppurtunity to produce translation of Immunet into their own native language.


In order to recruit more translators, I suggest to place a link on the front sheet of the Immunet software in the bottom line just left of the existing links: Support, Feedback & About (There are space enough):

This link can be for example be named:

1. We need translators!

2. Want to be a translator?

3. Translators

4. Recruitment of Translators

5. ??????

This link should be underlined and link to the Immunet forum, either to a thread by Charles Buck or to a thread by Millard Arnold, where the presumptive translator will get info about the existing important translation threads (topics). The translators site: https://translator.immunert.com should be introduced and explained.

All language translations are welcome, but above all the major languages in the world are highly appreciated, for example:

1. Arabic (all arabic-speaking countries have their own dialects, but they are all understood by all arabs, because the Koran wording is the same for all! So only one Arabic dialect is needed!)

2. Hindi (on the Indian subcontinent there are a lot of major languages, but most litterate Indians know at least English and/or Hindi)

3. Urdu (In Pakistan and in northen India Urdu is spoken. Maybe Urdu & English will well cover Pakistan)

4. Japanese

5. Turkish

What has happened with Spanish, German & Dutch? Have the translators of these important languages left their translation tasks? May others continue their work?

Google translation is a help only! Google proposals & Google reverses can be very strange and sometimes completely wrong. Google is just a help and must be manually edited by a native speaker!

Then the native human translator must adjust (often abbreviate) the translations shown in the software itself! Often the fields are too short for verbose languages. Immunet should have a professional look in all languages, if possible!



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