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Immunet Doesn't Detect The Eicar Test File


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Guest Mature


My version is still do you get 2.11.12....

Immuent here can detect this eicar test file,are you sure you test it right?




some AV can detect threats at this step


2.create a txt file and paste the strings above into the txt file and save.(Immunet detected it and deleted the txt)


3.if your av still have no response,then scan this file with your AV.

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How am I to know the antivirus is working at all if it won't detect the eicar test file?


version 2.11.12


Are you testing execution or file copy/move? Downloading the file from http://www.eicar.org/, we should detect it. However, if you download the zipped version it will not be detected with Immunet Protect Free, only the Plus version. I guess a little more detail on how your testing might be helpful.


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Guest Armin Pasalic

Millard, this would be a problem if immunet doesnt detect Eicar.com file. That means, there must be an another Anti-virus that prevents Immunet from detecting - Meaning, that he must clean Registry. I also had this problem ones - but it was with eset, avast!, Kaspersky and my fix was just cleaning the registry(I install/uninstall too much av's, meaning it will leave traces behind and prevent another av from detecting) wink.gif





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