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The topics of Immunet forum has until recently only covered Immunet Free & Immunet Plus. Due to organizational changes also ClamAV has been admitted to this forum lately. My question now is, will this forum improve or not, if we also add other security topics (forum cathegories) like: Security packages, Firewalls, Hosts file incl.maintenance, Restricted sites incl.maintenance, Browsers with their security extensions (eg. Google Pack), Antimalware softwares, VPN (Virtual Path Networks), Spamfilters, Vitual Layers & VHD (Virtual HardDisks), Sandboxes, Privacy softwares, Email security (encrypting), Social environments (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Win Update, Operative Systems, System Restore Points, User Rights, Services, Settings of Control Panel, IMs (MSN Messanger, Yahoo Messanger, ICQ) etc.....

Should this forum only cope with Immunet & ClamAV and let the other security topics be discussed in other forums (fora) like Wilders etc.?



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