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Computer Slow Down.

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Hello all.


This is the first issue I have noticed since a while (i.e. after I have upgraded to v3.0) my computer has slowed down to noticeable extent. I use the desktop that I own for application development in Visual C# .NET(Visual Studion 2008), Java (Eclipse IDE) and C (sometimes through GCC) currently and sometimes use Postgres or SQL Server. The load times of these applications have slowed down to some extent also it gets a little too unresponsive at times for long a time.


The configuration of the desktop is :- Intel Dual Core E5400, 2 X 1 + 1 X 1 GB(DDR2-800), 320 GD HDD(7200-RPM), G31 Mainboard(Intel original).


May someone throw some light on this issue?



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Try to set off "Blocking Mode" into settings.






Setting the Blocking Mode to Off has helped to some extent. The OS currently seems to work some faster than before. If your wondering about start-up items except the AV and other one being "sqlserver.exe" (which takes some amount of time.), I have other auto start-up items disabled.


However, Blocking mode turned off gives me good response times, so am satisfied as OS responds faster than before.


Thanks for the answer.



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