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Security Tips - Restricted Sites


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Restricted Sites

In IE you have an oppurtunity to fill in a list with malicious/restricted sites.

This list is here IE ->Tab "Security" -> Restricted Sites -> Places/Locations. There you can manually fill in sites, that you know are malicious.

If you need help to fill in malicious sites here, you can use a freeware called "ZonedOut.3.5.exe" developed by funkytoad.com.

By using ZonedOut the registry part "Current User" (not Local Machine) will be filled with many malicious sites (I have for the moment 18 614 items automatically filled in.)

Many of these items are provided with wild cards = asterisks (*), soI am protected from more sites, in fact. Regularly running ZonedOut will fill the registry with more found malicious sites.


Thus you will be prevented to visit the restricted sites.

If you want to visit a restricted site, that you know is secure, you have to highlight the site and click on the button "remove".




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