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For those of you that lock everything down, I found the IP ranges you need to open for "updates" and "cloud connectivity" To verify this yourself, you can go to your Immunet Install folder, "Program Files\Immunet\7.3.0" In this folder you'll find something called "connectivityTool.exe" after running this tool you'll get a .txt file of the same name, you'll notice two IPs, one is for update and the other for cloud. IP ranges posted below:

"Haliburton Company" -
This is for updates

"E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc" -
This is for cloud connectivity

If you're strict and don't want to open up the whole range, just take the exact IP's you get from the "connectivityTool.exe.txt" file and see if that works full time.

Hope this helps!

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