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Prevent stopping Immunet SV service


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Immunet's services, by design, are very difficult to stop by both malware and the intended user, even if you use your Administrator rights.

There are several bugs with build 7.3.0 regarding problems with updating the ClamAV module and even cloud lookups. Is that the problem you're also encountering?

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I seem to be having the same problem: when I click on Immunet, it says that it is not secure, and when I try to scan or "fix it," the message I receive is "The Immunet service is not running. Please restart the service and retry." I am using Nothing that I do -- clicking on t Immunet icon in all programs, restarting my computer -- works. I haven't yet tried to uninstall / remove the program and reinstall it. 

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Hi Gordon,

You're just one of many that have run into this same update/connection bug with the 7.3.0 build unfortunately.

I use Immunet as a companion AV to another paid AV product. For that reason I didn't use the ClamAV module so that's never been a problem for me. However I did like the added security that the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines provided. After I noticed that cloud lookups were not taking place I had no other choice but to uninstall Immunet for now. I mean, why keep an app installed that is essentially useless!

So now I'm waiting for the developers to fix this issue before I reinstall Immunet again. What's particularly disconcerting for me is that no admin or dev seems to want to even take the time to look into this or let users know they're working on it.

"I hate to sound so pessimistic but your guess is as good as mine when/if this bug will be adequately resolved regrettably!" I know Cisco has made Immunet a "Low Priory" project but this is getting absolutely ridicules how long it's taking in my honest opinion!

Has Immunet become complete ABANDONWARE? I'm starting to have my suspicions and this ongoing scenario is really starting to bum me out! I've been involved with this project for over 10 years now and "this is the worst situation I've encountered in all that time!"

If things don't improve soon I'm not sure how much longer I will wish to stay involved with this software. What's the point of helping to support abandonware that no longer even works properly?


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Hey everyone,

If you're like me and don't like the way Immunet is being seemingly thrown under the bus then why not "blast 'em" on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc...) & tell people that Immunet is being woefully neglected by the powers that be.

Maybe that might get a response from "SOMEONE in charge!"

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