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Remove Immenet AV Program


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Immunet's built-in uninstaller should work adequately.

If you don't plan on reinstalling Immunet again at this time, when asked by the uninstaller if you plan on reinstalling again choose the "NO" option and proceed with the remainder of the uninstall process. This will delete your entire settings configuration and delete all .db history files for a more through uninstall. After uninstalling and rebooting you can also delete Immunet's Program Files folder from that directory.

If you want to dig even deeper you can use the Windows regedit app. Just click on Start -> type in regedit in the Search bar and click on the icon that appears. Once regedit is launched you can search the directories for any orphaned registry keys associated with Immunet.

A word of caution. Regedit can be a very useful tool but it's also a double edged sword. If you delete the wrong registry keys that can cause your OS to become unstable or even not boot-up at all! Actually it's not a bad idea at all to create a manual System Restore Point first before using regedit "just in case!" Only delete any sub-keys that you may find that are "directly associated with Immunet!"

If you've never used Windows regedit or are a little wary to do so that's ok just to leave these keys in place. Since you did an uninstall they will be inactive, just using up a little OS disk space is all.

I hope this info helps.

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