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Explorer Crashing After 3.0 Upgrade

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Explorer is crashing repeatedly since installing 3.0.0 over 2.0.19. Crashes occur predictably after each re-boot/logon. Prior to installing 3.0 crashes were few and far between. Maybe less than a handful a year. Restart is immediate, but not all notification area icons are recovered. Subsequent crashes tend to happen soon after, but may not until the next reboot/logon.


Searching the forums didn't find any similar problems, would indicate one or more issues/incompatibilities in my environment. After resolving a symbol path problem, windbg !analyze -v user.dmp reports the exeception occurrs in:




At logon, a small empty Immunet window is displayed most of the time. When it isn't a non-functional taskbar button (Immunet icon) exists without a SystemMenu property. Removing the visible property from top and two levels of child containers eliminates the window without killing iptray. Now that I think about it, iptray is not recovered when explorer restarts. As per MS KB article, uPNP and SSPD are disabled. StartupDelayer manages logon process creation.


Immunet is running on a loaded (running lots of stuff) highly tuned/optimized legacy hardware platform: P4 (2GHz), 1 GB DDR2 (266MHz) FSB 133MHz. Timing/race conditions are plausible.


The standard brute force uninstall/reinstall is next on the list. It's been awhile since this system has been BootVis-ed. It might eliminate any timing load-order issues.


It's a big search space. Any and all suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. I played with the diagnosticTool. Let me know if and where to send the output.

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Hi Geek4AllSeasons,


Thanks for spending the time to write a detailed post describing the issue that you are observing. Could you send the diagnostic tool output to support@immunet.com?

Will do.


BTW, I'm not recieving forum notifications. I'll double check the spam filter/folder.

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