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Connectivity Logging And Monitoring


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"Wish list" items:


1) In the UI history, entries for the date/time of connects/disconnects for the community and agent protocols and perhaps an "uptime" metric in days:hours:minutes for the latest connection.


2) A frame on the home or support page displaying Immunet's network health. For both protocols, simple health reports could be represented by a green/yellow/red gauges and 0% to 100% gauges for bandwidth usage. A table or graph parsing hourly data for health and bandwidth in past 24 hours would be welcome. Included could be notations for any anomalies i.e. maintenance, router failure, unknown, etc. Actually, if this could be a feature of the UI... sweet.


Examples of such network reportage abound on the Web and implementation would be a matter of selecting the right tool(s) and installing them on the Web server. In fact, in my experience, those who sell server services usually have those available to their customers. And though it's been a while since I've touched on the subject, I remember there are some good open source tools that could do the job.


These I hope the Immunet team will consider doing once things settle down and there is some same spare time. :)


Considering cloud tech is 100% dependent on connectivity, some users would welcome the ability to check up on it. While Plus users can depend on off line protection, healthy connectivity guarantees the definitions are of the latest build.



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