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Guest TheA!

Immunet - File Watcher

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Guest Armin Pasalic

I would love to have something like Norton Insight + Avast! cache files. It could be called "File Watcher."


1. Immunet checks reputation of every file(Windows file, Folders etc.) Immunet will see how many users use it, and if it determined to be safe - If its fully clean, Immunet creates a Cache file(under scanning) wich will be used if the File has been modified - it will be checked in the next scan - BUT, this can become HEAVY with the files. Lets make a rule! Immunet deletes these Cache files every year, month, week, day based by user-settings.


2. Immunet checks the Reputation of downloaded files - Meaning, it checks the community of how many users use this file, if it determined by the experts. So, if I land on an download, and want to download it - Immunet pop-ups and says: "This file is not known in our community! Remove it and submit it to our lab so we determine it to be safe."



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1. you mean immunet should check the reputation off all files? i think this needs to much time

2. is not good i think.

some users are only downloading unknown programms and when they get every time such popup and have to send the full file, i think nobody want do it or when your inet connection is not so fast or the files are large.

and why must an unknown file be malware? you must take other creterias. and not forgot, the communety is not so large at this moment and so you have so much unknown files.

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