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Polish "my Community"


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Ketjow3, You will receive an invitation from my roommate and I. Once you accept the invitations you will see Ritchie and Robert in your personal community. Thank you for the opportunity to add you into our communities. However it's not a good idea to post your email address in the forum. You could get spammed. It's best if you use "Private Message" to exchange addresses. Best wishes to you and welcome aboard! Any other new user that wishes to add us into their community feel free to PM me and I can give you our addresses or give me yours. Which ever you're most comfortable with. Regards, ritchie58...

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It would be great if We can increase contacts in "My Community', so if anyone is interested drop me a PM.

Hi Ketjow3,

Welcome to our forum!

Please send an email to my @gmail.com address in my signature below, so can we later invite each other into our communities!



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