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How To Post An Effective Bug Report

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If you discover a bug (flaw or defect) we are very interested in hearing about it. The Immunet Support team members frequent this forum, we read all of your posts and take each report very seriously. We are very grateful for detailed bug reports.


One of the first steps in fixing a bug is reproducing the reported issue in the Immunet software QA lab. While a bug can be frustrating, posting a report of a flaw with no details will delay the repair efforts for the issue, if we cannot reproduce the bug at all then we cannot begin to fix it.


For this reason, we would be very grateful if you use the following guidelines when reporting a bug:


  1. List the version of Immunet Protect that you were using. If you have upgraded from previous versions list those versions too.
  2. List the version of Windows that you are using, including the language version and service pack number.
  3. List other antivirus software that you have installed, and the versions for those.
  4. Describe the flaw in as much detail as possible, attach screenshots of the issue if you can.
  5. After you post the bug report to the forum, run the System Diagnostic Tool (SDT) and email the result to support@immunet.com, make sure to reference your bug report on the forum in the email message.

Details on how to run the System Diagnostic Tool can be found here:


System Diagnostic Tool Link : System Diagnostic Tool Documentation


Here is an example of a short bug report with the above details, note that it is not describing a real issue in real software; it is just an example. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when reporting a bug is “Include as much information as possible.



BUG: Software Crashes While Processing aFile.exe



When using the English version of Software Version 1.2.3 (upgraded from 1.2.0) to open aFile.exe on French Language Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 it crashed with the following error message:

Error: 1234 Unable to access memory at address 0x00000000

I am also using SoftWare Antivirus Version 1232131, I don’t know if that makes a difference. I have sent the System Diagnostic Tool log and aFile.exe to support@immunet.com, with the email subject “BUG: Software Crashes While Processing aFile.exe”.

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