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Netscape Conflict


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I recently installed Immunet 3.0 onto my home theatre PC (Gateway, Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit). I decide to run a deep scan of my system and activated the antivirus detection ClamAV (turned on). The scan was effective and located 2 trojans. Later I tried to stream a movie from Netflix and kept getting error messages from Netflix. The problem seemed to be with MS Silverlight. I uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight with no success. I called the Netflix number and spoke to a representitave who asked what AV software I was running. When I said Immunet 3.0, she said there was a conflict with the AV software and Netscape. I remembered that I had turned on the ClamAV, so I went back to the Immunet 3.0 settings and turned off the ClamAV. Netscape began working just fine. So there does seem to be a conflict with ClamAV, Silverlight, and Netscape. Just remember to turn off ClamAV after running a deep scan. :rolleyes:

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