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Immunet Uninstall Problems

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I downloaded Immunet as part of the google pack. However I recently acquired a copy of Norton Internet Security 2011. My computer is having speed issues and I am trying to clean up the computer; therefore I no longer wish to run Immunet. (on another note the Immunet system flagged some Norton tmp files)

However the uninstall from control panel did not seem to work. I then downloaded the Immunet Removal Tool from this thread on the forum and ran the file. This itself was tedious as Immunet began to flag it's own uninstall/removal tool as a Trojan! I thought that would fix the problem but Immunet continues to load on startup! (I think the problem is that the removal tool is only cleared to removal up to version Immunet Protect (the last) yet the version on my computer seems to be .46. Will there be another removal tool released? I am dissatisfied with the product in general and I only wish to uninstall it as soon as possible.



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Hi Kevin, I'm sorry to hear your having problems with Immunet. I don't know what the plans are for building a removal tool, but here is a manual removal that should work across all operating systems and versions of Immunet that you can use in the meantime:


1) open an elevated command prompt and run

sc stop ImmunetProtect

wait an additional 15 seconds or so, then run:

sc delete ImmunetProtect

2) Reboot

3) If you see the Immunet tray application (looks like a blue arrow/starburst), right click on it and select hide

4) delete c:\program files\Immunet

5) Run appwiz.cpl (or start -> programs -> add remove programs), rigth click Immunet and select uninstall. You should get an error, and will ask if you "would like to remove Immunet 3.0 from the Programs and Features list?" - say yes to this.


Please email support at immunet dot com with the subject "For RobT - Forum Thread 915" if you have any problems with these instructions.

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Guest Orlando



I have made that tool personally, it's based on the procedure (explained by RobT), but it's automatic. It's made by DOS language (I tell to RobT to fix the FP).


I think you haven't run it as Administrator, necessary to remove it completely.


Recheck the Instructions:


1- Uninstall Immunet Protect normally (with its uninstaller), if there are some problem (or appare into the screen some error about the uninstallation) with the normal uninstallation process pass to the 3° step;

2- At the two questions choose "yes" in both;

---computer is restarting---

3- Leave to restart computer normally;

4- Download Immunet Protect Removal Tool;

5- Run it and in the end computer restart automatically with a notice in 60 seconds.



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