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Not updating virus definitions

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I've been unable to update the virus definitions.

It downloads a certain percent of the updates and then stops.

I've uninstalled Immunet and reinstalled the program to see if it resolves the issue.But it doesn't.

I'm running Immunet on a Windows 10 computer.

Can you help me sorting the problem out?


A human.


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Hi CluelessGuy,

You're just one of many that has encountered the update bugs with build 7.3.0 I'm sorry to say. The devs are working on a new build but when that gets rolled-out publicly I have no further info on that. "The sooner the better in my opinion!"

Some other Immunet users have discussed possible work-arounds for these issues at this topic. https://support.immunet.com/topic/7500-not-updated/

Regards, Ritchie...

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Immunet app is saying it's not updated (last update 5/13/20), but when I click Update Now, the app replies that everything is up to date. (running on Windows 10.

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Hello David,

I really hope that the new build has "no issues with updating" since this is a reoccurring theme that I'm getting quite dismayed at having to tell users about this on-going unresolved bug or bugs.

Like I mentioned to Clueless the devs are "supposedly" working on a new build and you could try the work-arounds that some users have posted at the link provided in my last thread to this topic.

Personally speaking, I've uninstalled Immunet for now & don't plan to reinstall until the new build is publicly rolled-out because I got tired of dealing with this unacceptably buggy build myself!

"Obviously build 7.3.0 did not get anyway near the required in-house testing before it's release to the public or they would have detected & fixed these bugs beforehand is my opinion!" "This is really starting to bum me out since this issue has been going on for months now with no end in sight at the moment!"

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