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Calling all Immunet users - we need your feedback


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Hi Immunet Users, 

The development team working on Immunet (by Cisco) is looking for your feedback. Do you have 5 minutes to fill out a survey telling us more about how you use Immunet and how you think it could improve?  

Here is the link to the survey: 

We know there is a lot of misinformation on the internet these days. If you would like to verify that this is real Cisco-sponsored research, email Barbara Shain, Cisco User Researcher, at bshain@cisco.com 


Immunet UX 

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What a "great idea" for Immunet users to voice their likes & dislikes Barbara!  I completed the survey although, if chosen, I wouldn't be able to participate in the video conference since my computer has no web cam.

"I would 'strongly urge any & all Immunet users' to complete this survey!"

It really does only take a few minutes & that will give the devs much more insight into what Immunet users want in a new build.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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I think this is an awesome thing!!

I have filled out the survey and left my feedback. I really like that the platform is getting more support from cisco! As you said ritchie I would also encourage  all users to fill out the survey, this will give us a chance to give feedback to the devs on how to improve the AV. The more of us that fill it out the better it will be. I can't wait to see how the survey helps and how it will help improve Immunet as a whole:) 


Stay safe everyone   

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I'm sorry, but I find the survey very disturbing.  I cannot get the Immunet 7 service to stay running and development wants to ask how I feel about the importance of "history" and if I like the idea of moving history to the Windows Event Viewer.  Are they serious?  The location of "history" is the biggest thing they are worried about?  How about they fix what they have before they rip away or add new features?   How about leaning on your support forum for actual customer feedback?  

BTW, Windows Event Viewer interface is old and outdated.  Why Microsoft has not changed the MMC interface is beyond me.  I have to resort to LDAP queries and other scripts to properly search/filter event viewer at work and now Immunet wants to know if I'm ok with that on my home computer?  No thank you. 

I would rather see some Cisco AMP for Endpoint features making their way into Immunet.  I would like to know what my family members were doing on a computer when an incident occurs.  AMP makes this very nice.  This is a step forward.  Windows Event Viewer is a step backwards. 

If Cisco is not willing to resolve the issues with Immunet and properly support the consumer base, then pull the plug and let it die.  I really hope Immunet development continues and improves.  


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i am done with immunet.



why bother when simplest update is headache

looking like updates from amp to immunet botched


guess they using amp over there in cisco


this free  is free headache


i   have gone way of virtual box 

hopefully this gets fixed or pay to use  

i really havent had a need for antivirus past months


my 2 cents


stay safe u al













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