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Dr. Bill

William Scharf

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Hi William,

Obviously your using a device that has a 4k screen resolution and there no fix or work-around for this that I know of unfortunately.

This is a known issue with Immunet and the devs are quite aware of it.

The Immunet development team is working on a new build and it was mentioned that they will look into it to see if it's at all possible to upscale the UI for 4k users without causing any other serious problems with the software.

I didn't get any promises though so I guess we'll have to wait & see what the new build has to offer after it gets publicly rolled-out.

Regards, Ritchie...

P.S. - Dr. Bill? That is a bit of an odd topic header for the posted content but it did get my attention, lol! I first thought It might have been a spam post. Fortunately that's not much of an issue with the excellent IP address filters in place for this site!

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