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Failed to Quarantine


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I am getting notifications for fail to quarantine in my temp folder. I recently rebuilt my computer. Win 10 2004, Norton Antivirus and Immunet. I had the exact same setup before without issues. The notifications pop up while on the web with Google Chrome.  When I check the folder the file is gone. I have ran scans with Norton, Immunet and also Malwarebytes. All come back clean. All the C VE's seem to be associated with Internet Explorer which I don't use. None of the files are things that I would white list.

Thank you



Annotation 2020-09-27 203011.png

Annotation 2020-09-27 202941.png

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Since the notifications are occurring while using you're Google Chrome browser that has to be where the possible False Positive's are originating from & not Internet Explorer would be my educated guess.

These are detections by the ClamAV module. Might I suggest you contact the ClamAV Support team about this issue & submit a FP report directly to them at this URL.  https://www.clamav.net/reports/fp

Cheers, Ritchie...

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