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14 Day Trial Issue

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I have had the FREE version of Immunet installed for about 3 weeks now and have noticed it detect threats in real time. This is something that I like about Immunet as my current PAID FOR virus software did not detect those particular threats in time. I have ESET Smart Security 4 installed on my PC. I have not noticed any compatibility issues between ESET and Immunet and I believe that Immunet might be a suitable supplement to ESET Smart Security 4. I do not want to simply lock in to an upgrade from the FREE version of Immunet to a PAID FOR version before testing all of the functions of the PAID FOR version complimentary to my already PAID FOR version of ESET.


I was referred to Immunet by my ISP, suggesting Immunet as supplement to my current security software. I was using a TRIAL version of ESET at the time. ESET's TRIAL version allows you to test ALL of the PAID FOR functions before you invest your money in their software. Because of my satisfaction with many functions of ESET, I purchased a subscription to their service.


I have noticed that Immunet offers a TRIAL version of its software, however full PAID FOR functionality is not available with Immunet's TRIAL version. This does not look good for Immunet.

I would like to try Immunet's full functionality complimentary to my current PAID FOR security software before I decide to purchase Immunet's software.


I have downloaded and installed a TRIAL version of Immunet software, which I am currently looking at for the first time since my install about half an hour ago and have noticed that the TETRA engine is not functional. According to the advertisement that was reading when I chose to install the TRIAL version of Immunet 3.0 PLUS, the TETRA engine is supposed to be functioning properly. Immunet is telling me that I cannot enable the TETRA engine. Deep Scan and Email Scan are not available to me either. These are all supposed to be available to me at this time, as I have elected to try Immunet Protect Plus for 14 days before buying the product. According to the advertisement provided by Immunet in their FREE version software, I should be able to have access to these functions of Immunet's Protect Plus software. My intention, as far as purchase is concerned, is to purchase Immunet Plus for 3 PC's for 2 years if Immunet's software works out well for me over the promised 14 day try before you buy TRIAL period that I have opted in for.


This is an aggravating issue that I have encountered with Immunet already, and I have a suggested resolve for this issue. I would like to do business with Immunet, which is the only reason why I have chosen to TRY Immunet Protect Plus, and I think that it would look good for Immunet to resolve this issue by providing me with a PAID FOR account, license key, membership and software download all scheduled to expire in 14 days from Monday, 04/18/2011. (exp. 05/12/2011) That way I can get a real TRIAL of Immunet Protect Plus before purchasing a 3 PC package with extended download. I don't think that I am asking for anything that is unreasonable since the TRIAL software that I have is not functioning as advertised and my intention is to purchase the software if the advertised functionality of Immunet Protect Plus is the actual functionality.


Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi hellpsyko, all of Immunet's Plus/paid features are available in the Trial mode. Can you try this:


1) Uninstall Immunet, and select *no* at the end of the uninstaller when you are asked if you plan to re-install. This will ensure Immunet is fully removed from your system. Otherwise when you re-install you'll end up resuming your free license, rather than starting a new trial license.

2) Re-install in trial mode, and verify all Immunet's features are now available.


Please note that the Plus version of Immunet is a little more agressive with it's scanning and dosen't always run well in tandem with other products. By which I mean that Immunet Plus isn't guaranteed to be fully compatible with ESET - please let us know how it goes!

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