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Immunet Protect Fix Tool 1.0 Beta 2

Guest OrlandoP

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Guest Orlando

Hello Everyone,


I have just corrected and improved the Tool for Fix the common problems/issues with Immunet.


With this Tool you can:

1- Restart Immunet Service;

2- Clean History;

3- Empty Quarantine;

4- Delete ClamAV;

5- Delete TETRA (for FREE users);

6- Last Updated Icon Always Displays "not Updated" (more information);

7- Clean Avast temp;

8- Restart in the final.


What are the news?

1- Last Updated Icon Always Displays "not Updated";

2- Clean Avast temp;

3- Now you can Update Immunet Protect Fix Tool;

4- Now you can download the last version of Immunet Protect;

5- Services manipulations fixed;

6- Minor bugs fixed.




Last Version:

Immunet Protect Fix Tool 1.0 BETA 2


Version of Immunet Protect you can fix:

Immunet Protect

Immunet Protect 3.0.1


For any problems or bugs, please send me a PM.

Best Regards,


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Guest Orlando

Could you please define exactly what gets deleted?

I may ask for further clarification after you respond.



All files in C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav

If you don't want ClamAV.



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I don't think it worked for me. I just used it (ver on an XP Home SP3 machine.


I checked Resart Immunet Protect Service, Clean History, Empty Quarantine, I'm using the Free version (delete TETRA folder), Last Updated Icon Always Displays "not Updated", and Restart Windows after repair.


The program executed and Windows rebooted. The contents of C:\Program Files\Immunet shows (among other things):


tetra (folder)

history.db 10,861KB


The Immunet folder looks just about like it did before I ran the Fix tool. History.db was about 10,800KB

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I have responded you in the other topic.


Hi Orlano,

We have some threads (brand new and old), that are about the same topic, even if the names of the topics are not exactly similar. Can similar threads be joined together, or will this cause a really misch-masch (disorder)?



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Hi Orlando, I have a few questions for you. Do you think this tool will work with the newest version? If so is there any benefit to removing Tetra since I use the free version and Tetra is not used? A good rule of thumb is you don't fix something that isn't broke. I am also interested in cleaning the history since I've accumulated a fairly long list of entries for this month because I was testing some new software programs. I'll wait for your reply before downloading and running the tool. Regards, Ritchie...

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Guest OrlandoP

Hi Ritchie,


I am really busy in these days with other personal projects, so I haven't already tried the 3.0.3 version, but if it is based on 3.0.2 as 3.0.1 (as I think), it should work. I hope to find some time to relase a stable version of this tool. The idea to remove the TETRA version is given me by Sweidre, I think that a useless thing, if you use the free version and you don't want to pay, it's a good feature to be used. So my advice is to wait some days and to be up to date on this article for news.



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