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False Positive W32.trojan.537A


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I recently helped 2 friends install printer software after either upgrading to Windows 7 or purchasing a new PC with Windows 7 instlled. Both had a HP combination Printer/Scanner/Copier that used the same installation program. The link to the software used is ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software11/COL30219/al-75052-1/AIO_CDB_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_130_141.exe.


In both cases Immunet would not let the software complete the installation advising that it had quarantined a W32.Trojan.537A.

I ran scans on the software package using other malware/antivirus products and was comfortable that this was merely a False Positive. I then uninstalled Immunet and the installation of the printer/scanner/copier software went perfectly and functioned perfectly to copy, scan, print.


Since I am new to using Immunet, I am wondering if there is something that I should have done differently when I suspected a false positive and/or what is the best way to advise the community of a situation like this?

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Guest Orlando



You could put the file in the exclusions (go to the settings another time and put the file in it) and Immunet won't scan it.

There isn't the necessity to uninstall, however for reporting a FP there is this guide. But now you are do good because the file is "very" big.


I reported it and it will be fixed in a few hurs.



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